Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cards I made for teenage boys/ young men ...

 I made the card above for Jeffrey Arenz, a Dutch teenager, who founded Skizzle (an organization against bullying). Jeffrey has been bullied a lot and decided to no longer be a victim, but do something about it!

I wanted to encourage him in his efforts to make more people aware of the effects of bullying. Skizzle supports victims of bullying 24 hours a day. In my eyes Jeffrey is a hero and a winner!

Once I made the card for Jeffrey, I had a lot of papers and card stock left, therefore I decided to make some more generic cards for teenage boys. These are four other cards I made:

Thanks for looking!



Francine said...

Great cards Ingeborg. I love the colours and designs. Jeremy certainly is someone worth supporting!

Nadine said...

Cool cards. Love the colours and the cool style of the card layouts.