Sunday, May 1, 2011

New month = new challenge at Scrappassion

It is May 1st and therefore we have a new challenge for you! This month we have chosen a challenge where you need to get your sowing gear out of the cupboard. The challenge for Scrappassion International in May is to ...

create a layout using at least one handmade
embellishment based on the tutorial below.

Obviously you can substitute the felt for other fabric too, but felt is just so easy to work with! Please click on the picture to see it larger ...

Here are the instructions on how to make these flowers:
  1. Cut a circle out of felt. Mark the middle and three spots.
  2. Stitch from the middle to the three marked dots and gather the felt. Make a knot each time you gather the felt to secure it.
  3. Cut a pentagon. I didn't measure it exactly; I just randomly cut a shape with five sides. Mark the middle and five dots ( a dot in the middle of each side).
  4. Stitch from the middle of your shape to each dot again.
  5. Stitch on each side and gather.
  6. Put the two shapes together.
  7. Finish of with a button. Done!
This is the layout I made for this month:
Happy scrapping girls! Click HERE to participate in this challenge if you're from the Netherlands or Belgium. Click HERE if you are from any other country ;-) ...


Gwendolyn said...

Bedankt voor je tutorial en je LO is echt heel erg mooi geworden!!!

Maja60 said...

Mooie strakke Lo heb je gemaakt Ingeborg! Hele mooie foto, kleuren en tekst. En natuurlijk super leuke bloemetjes! Ook van mij nog bedankt voor de tutorial. Ik ben blij met mijn bloemen en ga ze zeker vaker maken.

Elina said...

I love this layout! Using flower embellishments on a 'masculine' layout is always tricky but you have done an amazing job. Nice balanced positioning of the elements - looks great!

Ilonka said...

super mooi lootje en jouw bloemen zijn echt MOOI geworden! xxx

Scraplijn said...

Wat een prachtige bloemtjes en een leuke tutorial. Ik ga ze zeker een keer maken.