Friday, September 17, 2010

Year in Review; week 36 & week 37

My project 'Year In Review 2010' is looking good! We're up to week 36 and week 37 and I am so glad I have chosen very simple designs for my weekly layouts. I am also using one stack of papers, which makes keeping up easier.

The theme for week 36 was 'sports', which I do not participate in (I'd rather play with paper and glue). Since my children are involved in sports, I decided to make a layout about the attitude of parents towards their kids in regards to sports. I printed a few pictures of posters, who promote fair play and a positive attitude around sports, which suited my theme perfectly!

The theme for week 37 was 'favourite food', which is - as most of you might know - CHEESE! I love cheese in all shapes and sorts and I eat cheese every day. I am sure that if I didn't eat cheese for a month, I'd lose 5 kilograms or so. Anyway ... this is the layout I made about it:


Ilonka said...

gaaf Ingeborg! vooral die van de kaas! ik lust heel veel kaas niet, maar toch is ie leuk!

Marga said...

Wat zijn ze leuk! Leuk dat jij ook zo dol op kaas bent, ik ook hoor, heerlijk!

Hilde said...

Ik vind ou zo'n ontzettende goeie scrapster! I like your syle!!

groetjes Hilde

Ria said...

weet je wat ik nou super vind..dat jij de discipline hebt om zo'n jaar te maken...ik vind het onwijs leuk maar een jaar lang???hm.....xx