Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Livin' Out Loud' ; a layout about my friend Nienke and myself

My good friend Nienke, whom I have known for more than 20 years, is celebrating 19 years of marriage this week. So ... I decided to grab the boxes of photos that I still have to scrap ... these are photos of the two of us taken on her wedding day in September 1991. I loved scrapping those photos, because we surely had fun that day!

I started with a sheet of white cardstock. I normally tend to put my picture(s) in the middle of my layout, but this time I wanted to do it differently and put them more to the sides of the paper. I also wanted to use a few pictures, since I tend to make a lot of layout with only one picture.

I started with two strips of patterned paper. I wanted to have a 'base' for the pictures I was going to use.

I added some ribbon and some paper ribbon next to the patterned paper.

I added my photos with little square foam dots, because I wanted to be able to add more embellishments under the photos. Therefore I only stuck them on lightly.

I went through my stash and looked for paper flowers, silk flowers, felt flowers, buttons, pearls, rhinestones and transparencies to use on the layout. I glued some of them on my layout.

I wanted more colour and added more embellishments:

And ... I wanted to use something 'unusual' ... so I went to my gift wrapping basket and got some curling ribbon and used that for a final touch:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'You Color My World'

In the last few months I have made a few layouts for less than $ 1.00 and today I made another one. I love buying new scrapbooking products, but I do like to challenge myself to use my stash a bit more often too! I used a sheet of black cardstock as a base for this layout.

The picture is of my husband on his 40th birthday, which I took when we were on our holiday in Spain a few weeks ago. I still love him as much now at 40 as I did in my early twenties and I still think he is as handsome too (but I am a little biased I suppose ... ).

Oh well ... back to the layout. I have seen a very similar design years ago and decided it was time for me to try it. I normally give credit to the person whom I was inspired by, but I have no idea who it was. If it was you, please email me, so I can add your name to this post!

I cut the picture to a square of 10 cm x 10 cm. I placed it exactly in the middle of the black cardstock. I wanted to create a clean design and starting with a picture right in the middle seemed to be a good start!

I looked through my boxes and folders of scraps with paper both plain and patterned. I chose a few different papers for each colour. I found that smaller patterns on the paper worked better than larger patterns, because I was only going to use small pieces of it. I used my two square punches to punch the two sizes of squares in each colour. I used a Sizzix die to cut the rectangles.

I printed my title to stay with my 'budget' of $ 1.00 and made sure that I cut the title strip at 10 cm to fit exactly under the photo. I put the coloured squares and rectangle around the photo. The layout first looked like this:

I went through all my little boxes, bags, cans, baskets and bottles to see if I could find matching embellishments. It actually was fun to go through some of that stuff, because I have found lots of things that I completely forgot I had! I added buttons, chipboard, flowers, pearls and rhinestones. This is the final result:

Blog Candy ... made by Nicky!

My dear online friend, Nicky (whom I will meet in real life in three more days, yeah!) has made a gorgeous blog candy to give away. All you need to do is become a follower of her blog and post a message about her blog candy on your own blog! You will find her message about it HERE. Oh ... and you need to leave a comment to be in the running to win the candy! You will see more pictures of the blog candy on her blog too!




Friday, September 17, 2010

Year in Review; week 36 & week 37

My project 'Year In Review 2010' is looking good! We're up to week 36 and week 37 and I am so glad I have chosen very simple designs for my weekly layouts. I am also using one stack of papers, which makes keeping up easier.

The theme for week 36 was 'sports', which I do not participate in (I'd rather play with paper and glue). Since my children are involved in sports, I decided to make a layout about the attitude of parents towards their kids in regards to sports. I printed a few pictures of posters, who promote fair play and a positive attitude around sports, which suited my theme perfectly!

The theme for week 37 was 'favourite food', which is - as most of you might know - CHEESE! I love cheese in all shapes and sorts and I eat cheese every day. I am sure that if I didn't eat cheese for a month, I'd lose 5 kilograms or so. Anyway ... this is the layout I made about it:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

White Space ... a layout about a daddy and his baby girl ...

In all those years that I have been scrapping, I have always been a fan of 'white space' on layouts. Okay, I admit ... in the beginning I thought it always had to be actual WHITE space, but I soon realized

'white space' means: leaving space on your layout
and not filling every inch with embellishments, stamps or papers.

I believe 'white space' can actually add to the design and most of the time it brings focus on your picture (s) too. I made this layout using 'white space' as a part of the design. After I finished I also made a sketch, which shows clearly how there is lots of 'space' left. For some this is easy, for others ... it might freak you out! But ... if you're a scrapper that puts heaps of stuff on your layouts, I challenge you to go for plain, simple and 'white space' one time!

I wanted to have straight lines and some curves too to avoid a too boring look. I used an 11" x 11" inch sheet of white cardstock as my base. With a pencil I made half a heart shape to write my journaling on. In my head I already knew where the picture would be. I even put it on the layout while drawing the curved line to see if it would work out okay. I also created a doodled border around the white cardstock.

Using one of my favourite Tim Holtz stamps, I stamped a rectangle shape on the paper. The layout is about my daughter and my husband, so I wanted to add 'male' elements as well as 'girly' touches.

I didn't want this layout to be too predictable, so I rotated the white cardstock and stuck it on a 12" x 12" piece of patterned paper (from the Marrakech Collection by Basic Grey). This totally freaked me out, because I like things STRAIGHT!
I added a mat around my photo and stuck it on a piece of striped paper (Marrakech Collection, Cardamon) to emphasize the colours of the photo.

I used the Marrakech Alphabet Stickers for my title and I finished the layout by using a border and some stickers from the Marrakech Elements Sticker Sheet.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

'Thank You Card'

I made this 'Thank You Card' for a friend of mine. I love sending or giving cards to my friends and family; I think it is important to show them how much I appreciate them. And ... obviously a handmade card is even more special. I first used two pieces of bright, colourful paper to cover the front.

I stamped the sentiment 'Thank you for lifting my spirits' on a strip of white cardstock and placed it across the card.

Using a piece of 7 cm x 7 cm of the same doublesided paper I cut a square like this:
I folded each corner into the middle and attached a brad in the middle to hold the pinwheel together.

I cut some very thin strips of paper and curled them around a little paint brush. Using Helmar Glue I stuck them on at the bottom of the card: