Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I wished I'd said ....

This is a hybrid layout about the same comments I got over and over again about my twins. I know most people meant well, but seriously, can anyone tell me why it seems completely accepted to ask quite personal questions and poke in the tummy when it comes to pregnant women in general and women pregnant with twins to be more specific?

So .. .this layout is about the four comments I heard the most and the answers I wished I'd said ... The picture is taken a few weeks after our boys were born in 1999, which seems only like yesterday, but that is another story.

I printed the title, the comments and answers and the swirls on a sheet of cardstock. I added the black/ white dots, lace, flowers, bling and photo and done! This layout was done in 15 minutes and I also wanted to show you that a layout can still look good without spending lots of time and/ or money. The comments are printed in Dutch, I will try to translate the layout as good as I can:

'What I wish I said when I got yet another twin comment'

  • Comment: 'I am glad it is you having twins, not me!'
  • Answer: 'My kids are glad about that too!'
  • Comment: 'What? You got two babies?"
  • Answer: 'No, I think you're cross eyed or you must have double vision.'
  • Comment:' Wow, your tummy is HUGE, are you having twins?'
  • Answer: 'No, I am just built in a funny shape'.
  • Comment: 'Your twins are a product of IVF?'
  • Answer: 'No, just sex'.


Gwendolyn said...

Mooi geworden zeg! En inderdaad een LO kan ook erg mooi zijn zonder teveel geld en moeite!

Groetjes Gwendolyn

Nicky said...

mooie layout! leuk die commentaren erbij (niet die commentaren zelf, maar dat het erbij staat dus...:))

Hanneke said...

Wat is dat toch met mensen dat ze dat inderdaad zomaar doen??? Super origineel om er een LO van te maken en nog zo'n mooie ook!!!

Karen said...

It's a question I often pondered on when I was pregnant...why do people ask these questions and why do people even stranges think it is their right to touch your belly...the question/statement that irriated me the most was when I announced we were having a 3rd child....why did we want to go again when we already had the pigeon pair....this used to really get up my nose and I never had the strength to tell people what I really thought of them when they asked this question....I so love the answers you have written

Angèle said...

Hier moet ik zo om lachen Ingeborg! Ge.wel.dig! Wat een leuke foto ook! Het lijkt of Emma in een deuk ligt om de 'uitspraken' van haar moeder!

Gr. Angèle

mrs_docko said...

You know I can so relate to the humour in this layout.....
I probably wouldn't have done it so elegantly as you have though....