Monday, August 23, 2010

Terra Mitica; what a wonderful theme park!

Yesterday we went to Terra Mitica; a theme park about 15 minutes away from where we're staying. Opened in year 2000, Terra Mitica is a wonderful place for people like us who love thrills and scary rides. What is unique about this park is that it carries a mythical theme, as it is divided into sections such for eras like the Greek, Egyptian, and Roman. There is also the Islands region and the Iberian zones of the park. It feel like you're going on a journey through time.

Conveniently enough, Terra Mitica has divided its rides into categories, based on the strength or mildness of the ride. I liked that idea a lot (since I am the 'chicken' of our family - not my words, but my kids' ..LOL). I have been in all the scary rides though, but I do regret it today, since especially my neck is really sore. Yesterday I felt quite 'funny' as well, so I think my thrill rides times are over ... Here are some pictures of the park:


Maja60 said...

Leuke foto's en park. Tenminste... als je zulke atracties leuk vind ha,ha. Heel moedig !!!!!!!!! van je dat je daar in bent geweest.
Groetjes Maja.

Liesbeth said...

Zo dat ziet er heftig uit ;)
Stoer hoor...
Veel plezier nog.
groetjes Liesbeth

Scraplijn said...

Nou Ingeborg, voor geen goud ga ik in die apparaten, ik vraag me altijd af wat een mens bezielt om daar in te gaan?!!!!!!!!!
Maar goed mijn kinderen, ook de jongste vinden het geweldig!!!! Ik sta dan aan de kant te hopen dat er niks mis gaat. Dat kost me al genoeg energie. BRRRR. Maar goed, het ziet er wel heel gaaf uit allemaal. Veel plezier nog daar.!
Groetjes Marjolijn.

Francine said...

Yikes - you wouldn't get me onto any of those rides! Good for you though for having a go.

mrs_docko said...

Don't think I will add this to my bucket list..... LOL! Just like you I am the "chicken" of the family.