Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green thumbs?

This week's theme for the 'Year in Review' is 'Green Thumbs' (in Dutch this is translated with 'Green Fingers'). In my case I had to do a layout about 'lack of green thumbs', because I always say 'I care for people, but not for plants and flowers'.
I simply cannot keep plants alive and even the easiest plants die in my house. So ... I converted to a lot of silk and plastic plants, because I do like the look of plants in my house ... LOL ... This week's layout is a collage with all the 'fake stuff' you will find in all different places in my home.


Hanneke said...

Wat een leuke challenge!! En wat een leuke uitwerking!!! Enne heel slim die plastic planten beter dan een paar bruine blaadjes in een potje, toch??

Gwendolyn said...

Haha leuke LO! Bij mij gaat ook altijd alles dood... stom he?

Groetjes Gwendolyn