Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going to the beach ...

I tried to get a nice picture of all four together, but the kids just couldn't stand still for a second ... So ... let try to spot the difference:

Yep... on the top picture you see Tom clearly and on the bottom picture you see Rick! Below you see the Rock of Calpe ... which is 'famous' in the region:

Some photos taken at the beach. It was a bit windy and cloudy, but that actually was a nice change from the hot sun. Aren't we spoiled?
Emma having some fun with her towel and the wind. One moment she is a super hero, who can fly and the next moment she is an award- winning actress! Gotta love her style! My favourite picture of today ... our three boys:

In Los Angeles in California we have been at Muscle Beach a few years ago. It is a place on the beach where you can do fitness. Well ... you can do the same here in Spain. Of course the kids had to try some of the equipment!

Boys doing their thing:
And me ... enjoying the view, the sun, being with the family:


Ria said...

Ik zie jullie genieten Ingeborg, wat een gave foto's!!! En jullie huis...wowie :D geniet nog maar heerlijk met elkaar, voor je het weet moet je weer naar huis...x

Mariska W. said...

Lekker hoor.. ziet er allemaal heelrijk uit Ingeborg. Geniet ervan.. voor je het weet is de vakantie weer over :-)

Liesbeth said...

Dat ziet er allemaal super uit. Geniet heerlijk van je vakantie, voor je het weet is het weer om :)
groetjes Liesbeth

Nicky said...

wat een superleuke fotos, vooral die van de drie boys!