Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun at the pool (part 2) and BBQ dinner ... yum!

Emma bought new sun glasses, which she had to show off of course!

Siebe loved to try the BBQ and he had a lot of fun playing with fire. Boys will be boys, hey?

The kids still don't mind me taking pictures all day, so sometimes I just snap shots of the kids when they aren't really aware of it. Sometimes they automatically look in the camera too, like Tom does here:

You gotta love timers on the camera. We tried to get a picture of all five of us having dinner together. I think it came out beautifully. The timer might be the best photographer of our family ...

Hamburgers ... yum ...
Emma took this picture of me:
Of course Siebe had to try Emma's new sunglasses ... so I had to take a picture of him wearing them (if you look closely, so can see my reflection in the glasses):

This is what our BBQ looks like ...


Nicky said...

te gek gave bbq, niet alleen iets voor boys hoor! ben er ook wel van. en die met-zijn-vijfen-foto vind ik ook heeeeel goed gelukt, superleuk!

Hanneke said...

Ik ben helemaal niet jalours hoor!!!;) Wat ziet dat er allemaal heerlijk uit!!!
Enne wat is dat toch met mannen en vuur, ik mag echt niet in de buurt van de bbq komen hoor, hahaha!!
Veel plezier nog!!

mrs_docko said...

Love that close up photo of Tom's face. His eyes just draw me to look at it everytime.
Clever use of the timer, I thought you must have had someone else take it for you.
Cute BBQ.... it is a male thing playing with fire, I'm sure of it.