Saturday, January 30, 2010

A blog award from Angelique!

Angelique chose to give the 'Happpy 101 Award' to me, which is a lovely surprise. She mentioned that my layouts and cards make her happy, which is wonderful to hear. If you receive the award, you have to mention 10 things that make you happy, so my top 10 of 'things/ people that make me happy' is:
  1. my wonderful Lord and Saviour, Jesus, whom I am so glad to know;
  2. my handsome husband Siebe;
  3. our three children: Rick, Tom and Emma;
  4. friends, both in real life and online;
  5. scrapbooking; I love everything about it!
  6. sharing a nice meal with lovely people;
  7. cheese (I do anything for a nice piece of cheese);
  8. blogging and reading other people's blogs;
  9. singing; I love singing (my children don't always appreciate it);
  10. books; I love reading!

I am passing this award on to three people, whose blog inspires me and makes me happy ... you girls rock!

  1. Judith,
  2. Michelle and
  3. Sharmaine.


Angelique said...

Wat fijn te lezen dat je blij bent met de award. Je hebt hem dik verdiend.

Fijn zondag,
groetjes Angelique

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Blogging it now :)