Saturday, November 7, 2009

'Thinking inside the box' project ...

Well .. I have made it through the next round at the Embellish This competition. It has been so much fun so far and I have created things I normally wouldn't have and in the last two days I used some techniques (like macrame) that I haven't used in years.

Here is my interpretation of this week’s challenge 'Mix It' … It was clearly stated that this week’s challenge did not have to be a layout. I therefore chose to think outside the box and create something ‘inside a box’ … Our daughter thinks I should call this the ‘inside the box scrapbook project’ … LOL. I used a variety of other craft techniques to create this diorama:

  • Clay to create the little lady bug
  • Crochet to create a few colourful flowers
  • Macrame to create a hemp border at the top
  • Paper tole to create the skunk at the bottom
I also did something I hadn’t tried before: I created a paper tole of an actual picture of our son on the swing too (see picture collage for more details). I wanted to create depth in the picture. I printed the same picture a few times and just started cutting bits. I also wanted to ‘hide’ the swing ropes, so I needed a few layers of picture anyway…

I wanted the swing to be able to truly swing inside the box, so I punched two holes at the top. As a base I used a box from a coffee set that I bought at IKEA a few days ago. Since our project had to be bright, I used Sassafras Lass papers to cover the inside and outside of the box.

I used bright colours for the crocheted flowers. I used a tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets for instructions (I love that site and check regularly for ideas and tutorials!). I got some clay from the kids to model a little lady bug. What is it about lady bugs that makes them so cute? I glued the ladybug onto a crocheted flower at the top of the box.

I also asked our daughter Emma if I could use one of her paper tole sheets to make the skunk. Luckily she gave me one sheet for a final touch to the project. I also used a macramé technique (I think it was the square knot I used, but I am not sure) to create a border at the top of the box.

Since the box was quite busy, I wanted to create my title a bit higher. I used a transparency and two different letter stickers. ‘Swing into life’ seemed an appropriate title for Tom’s character but also referred to the photo of him on the swing.

I used a journaling sticker for my journaling and stuck it on the side of the box. I wanted the journaling to be visible, but not too much, if you know what I mean. The journaling reads:

‘Tom, our move from Australia to Europe wasn’t easy for any of us. What a blessing to have a son like you; a boy who is always ready to swing into life! Love, mum.’

I wanted to create a ‘happy’ and funky project for our son Tom, who always manages to look at the bright side of life! He is such an optimistic and delightful boy, that I wanted to create something to say ‘thank you’ to him. He loves the box and it is already standing on his desk in his room.

I love it when the kids/ friends love what I create for them; that seems to be a major part of ‘why I scrapbook’ … Anyway, sorry this is so long, but I wanted to describe in detail what I have done (and why) … ❤

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Ellemieke said...

Wow, what an awesome outside/inside the box project you made! I just love it!