Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have been 'photo tagged' ...

I have been 'photo tagged' by Charlot. The assignment is:
  • Go to the 6th album of your photos and find the 6th photo.

  • Share that photo and tell a little bit about it.

  • Tag six people and ask them to do the same.

The photo above is the 6th I found in my 6th file. The picture is taken on December 26, 2008. We were at Largs Bay enjoying a wonderful day at the beach together. Emma is taking pictures with her new PINK digital camera she got on Christmas Day. We had a wonderful time!

Now ... let me see who I can tag for this? Here we go:

  1. Karen K
  2. Melissa
  3. Karen McK
  4. Bianca
  5. Annie
  6. Jessica Lynn

Can't wait to see your pictures too!


JessicaLynn said...

Thank you for tagging me :)

I have posted my photo.

Have a great night.
Jessica Lynn

@nnie said...

Hoi Ingeborg,
Leuk dat je me hebt getagged.
Ik ga proberen of mij dit lukt.
Als ik het allemaal voor elkaar heb zie je het wel op mijn blog.