Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take an 'every day picture' everyday !

This week we started an interesting gallery on our website. People were asked to take an 'every day picture' every day and post it in the gallery. We often take pictures at birthdays, weddings, holidays etc. but we want to celebrate and remember the little, every day things of life too. Here are some of the pictures that I have posted in that gallery.

You will find my flip flops, since it is finally warm enough to wear them again, a scrapbooking tool, my laptop, our own 'Lego Land', my beloved slow-cooker and a nest with three eggs in it, which we have in our car port.


Moira said...

Hey! I have those same flip flops, they're first pair of shoes I think I've ever bought that didn't give me blisters. I lived in them last summer and would have this summer as well, but for the fact that the podiatrist took one look at them and told me to buy nanna shoes instead! Most upsetting :-)

Ingeborg said...

Oh no .. nanna shoes, that's no good Moira ! But ... I guess your podiatrist knows best, hey!